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How do I get financing with First Access?

We fund all of our customers through our dealership partners. This means that we cannot give you a loan directly through our office, instead you need to speak with a Finance Manager at one of the dealerships we deal with, and they will submit an application to us for approval. From this point, we will work with the Finance Manager to find the right vehicle, loan terms and payment schedule to fit your needs.

What information do I have to provide to be approved?

During our review process, we will assess information on your residency, income, employment, credit history, as well as personal references. When you meet with a Finance Manager at the dealership, they will be able to assist you in compiling the necessary documentation for review.

Can I finance a new vehicle?

Yes, First Access offers financing on both new and used vehicles. Our Credit Analysts will work together with the dealership’s Finance Managers to determine a loan that is best for all parties.

How is my interest rate determined?

Interest rates offered at First Access currently vary from 39.9% down to 15.9%. The rate agreed upon between our Credit Analysts and the dealership’s Finance Manager will depend on your credit history, income, and the vehicle in question. However, even if you are financed at 39.9% interest, it is our goal to help you graduate to lower interest rates.

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